Monkey Soft Toys

Show the person, or little person, you love them with our wide collection of monkey soft toys. Suited for all occasions, these mischievous and playful monkeys are perfect for all ages. Our monkey soft toys come in all shapes, sizes and colours: from brightly coloured, striped legs, exaggerated features that make them oh-so-cuddly. Let your child’s imagination swing vine to vine with our silly and cheeky monkeys.

Here at The Soft Toy Shop we also enjoy spreading the love. Which is exactly why you can get some of our special monkeys for Valentine’s Day - these monkeys love making people smile and being gifted to the person you adore the most. Not only will you love the playful and adorable nature of our monkey soft toys, but you’ll fall in love with our affordable prices. Our monkey soft toys are made with the highest quality materials, and with lots of love and care. We care about finding these soft toys a home and helping to create memorable and lovely memories that will last forever. Shop online at The Soft Toy Shop and find the perfect monkey companion for the person you love.

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