Graduation Teddys

Honour the momentous achievement of the person you love with a special graduation bear. Made from the highest-quality materials and dressed to impress, these graduation teddy bears are a thoughtful gesture to commemorate the end of high-school, vocational education or university studies.

To look the part, these teddies are dressed in black capes and mortarboard caps, holding degree scrolls in their little paws. They’re soft, adorable-to-boot and are the perfect companions on graduation day. Plus, they complement any graduation photograph perfectly. Feel like a written letter or card won’t quite cut it? Grab a signature teddy bear with a pen included. Get friends, family and teachers involved and cover the teddy in thoughtful messages to serve as a permanent reminder of success and achievement. We care about celebrating special occasions and moments with unique and cute gifts that will be cherished forever. Make your graduation gift extra special with a graduation themed personalised teddy bear. Decorate with a special message or a photo from their studying years, so they can always remember all the hard work they put in, as well as, the people who got them through to the end. Shop our adorably studious collection today.

Are graduation bears suitable for all ages?

Graduation teddys are appropriate for all ages, but are particularly popular among high school and college graduates. They may also be given as a gift to younger children who are graduating from preschool or primary school.

Can graduation teddys be personalised

Yes, our graduation bears can be personalised, for more options visit Dress My Bear.

Where can I buy a graduation teddy?

Graduation teddys can be purchased from our website under the "Teddy Bears" section on the top menu bar of our page, or from Dress My Bear

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