For over 125 years, GUND has been at the forefront of creating soft, plush toys, with their line of GUND bears showcasing a long-standing heritage of quality craftsmanship. Known for their unique designs, these bears, along with a range of charming characters and ultra-soft materials, have won hearts worldwide.

GUND's collection, which extends beyond plush toys, includes a variety of cuddly animals and imaginative figures that capture the affections of everyone, from the youngest babies to adults. Each toy is crafted with the softest materials to the highest quality standards, ensuring they last through years of hugs and love.

The brand's meticulous choice of fabric and commitment to safe production underscore their dedication to excellence. This has established GUND as a trusted name in plush toys, enduring the test of time and countless cuddles. Customers globally trust the brand for their consistent emphasis on safety and their promise to prioritise the quality, safety, and artistry of all their products.

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