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Why personalised teddy bears for newborns are the ultimate welcome to the world

Why personalised teddy bears for newborns are the ultimate welcome to the world


A newborn baby is one of the greatest gifts in the world. Even though they haven’t been in this world long, don’t give a gift that is bear-ly personal! Personalised teddy bears for newborns make for unique gifts they can keep throughout their lifetime. It's so much more than just a plush toy; this a baby gift that commemorates their special day, the day they were born. We can’t "bear" (!) the thought of a newborn gift that isn’t personalised so we’ve narrowed down the top reasons why personalised teddy bears from the Soft Toy Shop are the ultimate "welcome to the world" for brand new little ones.

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3 reasons why personalised teddy bears for newborns are the best

1. Personalised teddy bears for newborns are unique and special

Forget lions and tigers! It’s teddy bears that are this year's best gift for newborns. The Soft Toy Shop has the widest selection of animal soft toys for newborns. So if you're shopping for a mum to be, a baby shower, or a gift to take to the delivery room, personalised teddy bears are the answer.

The Soft Toy Shop has a wide range of colours to choose from that span both boys and girls. A gender neutral coloured bear is an awesome option for non-traditional parents. Plus, the personalisation doesn’t have to be just the name and age of the baby. You can take it a step further and personalise the bear with a photo or a piece of artwork. A teddy bear is an extraordinary and unique gift as it is, but when you personalise the bear it makes for a lifelong present and a lifetime friend.

2. These personalised teddy bears are extra soft

The Soft Toy Shop bears are not just exceptionally cute but, because they're of the highest quality, they are extra loveable and so so soft. Softness is super important -- research shows that how soft a toy is directly relates to how attached the child is to it.

Blue, pink, yellow, and purple are just some of the vibrant bear colours that are waiting at the Soft Toy Shop. Dress the bear up in a custom t-shirt with a message or a t-shirt with an exceptional piece of artwork on it for another personal touch. Personalised teddy bears for newborns may sound pricey, but at the Soft Toy Shop they start at only $24.95 and range upwards to $31.95. The options are limitless for personalisation, but the soft cuddly fur is always a given.

3. The teddy bears transition throughout their lives

Not all gifts given to a newborn baby are transitional and will stay with them throughout their lives. Some gifts, such as baby clothes or a christening bangle, will phase out of the child’s life rather quickly. However, personalised teddy bears are able to hold a special place in both the mother and child’s heart. They can keep it for years to come and even into adulthood to pass on to their newborn baby one day.

You could even commemorate each birthday of the child going forward with another bear and personalise the age on the bear as well! This gift is unique enough to give all on its own or add to a hamper of gifts. Personalised teddy bears for newborns are one of the best gifts to give this year and we can barely contain our excitement about it!