Why a teddy bear should be the very first gift in a baby's life

Why a teddy bear should be the very first gift in a baby's life

If we think back to our childhood, we can probably all remember that one teddy bear that we cherished. The one that kept us company in the dark, the one that we took with us everywhere we went, and the one that we cried over when we couldn’t bring it with us on our first day of school. It’s the teddy bear in all our baby photos and it was one of our first best friends.


Teddy bears are a huge part of the early years of our lives, which is why they make the best first gift for newborns. By gifting a baby their first teddy bear, you’re giving them the key to lifelong memories that will be cherished forever. We have a large collection of teddy bears at the Soft Toy Shop that would make the perfect first gift for the new baby in your life. However, with so many to choose from, it can be hard to decide on ‘the one’. To help you in this important life decision, we’ve put together an easy first teddy bear gift guide.

The Traditional Teddy Bear

The more traditional TeddyTime teddy bears are a customer favourite at the Soft Toy Shop, and the preferred choice amongst the little ones. Typically brown and fluffy, the traditional teddy bear is the perfect choice for a baby’s first teddy bear. We have a wide selection of classic teddy bear, each soft, fluffy and most importantly cuddly - little babies will love going to sleep with one of these furry friends by their side.

The Personalised Teddy Bear

A personalised teddy bear is a great way to make the first teddy bear gift that little bit extra special. Decorate with your own personal message or an image that is significant for the little one and their family. You can even choose one of our message bears, such as Grayson who says ‘my first teddy’ to commemorate the birth of the new bundle of joy in your life. Including some kind words with the teddy bear makes the gift extra special, by adding something meaningful to share between the gift giver and the baby as they grow up remembering the gift you gave them.

The Unconventional Teddy Bear

It’s no secret that babies love bright vibrant colours, which is why one of our more unconventional teddy bears are another big hit with the little ones. From farm animals to jungle animals, we have a variety of different animal soft toys to choose from in our baby range, all sporting a rainbow of bright colours that the little ones will love. Choose from Milo the monkey, Jack the puppy, Gabby the giraffe (pictured left to right) and more. The bright colours will capture the attention of babies, bringing them a host of warmth and happiness as they grow up with their cuddly friend.


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