Spoil your magical mum: our Mother's Day presents guide

Spoil your magical mum: our Mother's Day presents guide

She spoiled you with teddy bears as a child. Now it's time to spoil her. Yes, it’s almost time to celebrate the most incredible woman in your life. Hello mum! Sunday, May 12 is officially Mothers Day and the perfect mother deserves the perfect gift. Plus, you probably can’t gift her the “best mum ever” mug again this year. And a gift card is so boring.

How can one possibly convey the amount of love and admiration they feel for the most important person in their life? Mothers day presents might seem like one of the most daunting gifts to buy but, don’t worry, we’ve got a few ideas that just might make you their favourite child!

Best Mum Hot Pink Jumper teddy bear

Get personal: a personalised teddy bear

Adding a little personalisation to mothers day presents can go a long way and always makes for a great gift, especially when it comes to mum. That unique and personalised gift can come in the form of jewellery, picture frames and scrapbooks, or perhaps something even more special and outside the (gift) box. Personalised teddy bears are unexpected and unique keepsakes that mum can keep forever. The Soft Toy Shop has many gift options that can be personalised but also has soft toys by occasion, such as Mothers Day.

The Best Mum Hot Pink Jumper teddy bear sends the message to mum loud and clear; and that message is, she’s the best! Not only does the bear wear an adorable sweater with Best Mum written on the front but the teddy himself is extra fluffy and soft. He’s also tiny enough to be used as an add-on to a bigger gift that you have picked out for mum, such as a beautiful bouquet. You could even hide him inside a new bag!

Go big: a great mother deserves a great gift

If you want to make a big impact on mum’s heart this Mothers Day, then there are a few different options for you. There’s always the traditional route of flowers or an extravagant amount of chocolate covered strawberries. But why not give her a gift that will last forever (or at least longer than the bouquet and berries). We've got giant teddy bears that will take up loads of space in mum's heart. The Ralph Bear with Bow Tie Cream is a gigantic 120 cm big from head to toe; an extra loveable teddy bear! This bear isn’t only the fluffiest and softest bear but it actually might almost be as tall as mum. Don’t worry, if Ralph is too big for you, he also comes in a smaller size. There is bound to be a suitable Ralph for every mum on her special day.

Make it unique: a unicorn for a perfect mother unicorn

We don't just love bears. We're into anything that's soft, cuddly, magical and makes you smile! Like unicorns. They’re awesome mothers day presents. Because let’s face it, mums are unicorns. They are the most special and caring women on the planet and each one is totally unique. Give your unique mother a gift that is as exceptionally rare as they are. A few one-of-a-kind gift ideas for mum are a tea set, a fitness tracking watch, or an iced coffee maker. The Soft Toy Shop also has a range of atypical gift ideas including an actual unicorn! The soft unicorn comes in both pink and white with a silver horn and hooves. It also comes in two different sizes. It can be used as a special add-on to a gift or as the gift itself. Anyone can be a mother but it takes someone special to be a mum. Give a special gift to show mum how much of a unicorn she really is.

Gift basket: a mothers day gift inclusion

A great idea for mothers day presents is a customisable basket of your mum’s favourite items. Fill the basket with her favourite lollies, delicate flowers, fancy jewellery, one-of-a kind teas, roasted coffee beans, an extra soft and comfortable blanket, or a tasty wine set. The Soft Toy Shop has many items that can be added to build your own one-of-a-kind Mothers Day gift basket.

One of those items includes an adorably cute and extra tiny teddy bear. The Alvin Relay Teddy Bear in Baby Pink is only fifteen centimeters big. He is the most affordable bear at the Soft Toy Shop and is both light, fluffy, and super cuddly. He also already comes wrapped in a bow and is available in three different colours. Have a bigger basket planned for mum? No worries, he is also available in four different sizes!

The one stop shop for this year’s Mothers Day Presents

The Soft Toy Shop has a special and unique gift for each and every mum this Mothers Day. No matter what price range or size gift you’re looking for there is an option available for everyone. The Soft Toy Shop is one of Australia’s largest online sellers of soft toys and teddy bears with both affordable and high quality mothers day gifts, so you can shop in confidence.