Bigger is better: Why you need a giant teddy bear in your life

Bigger is better: Why you need a giant teddy bear in your life

If you're the kind of person that likes to go big or go home, then this blog post is for you. The big giant teddy bear usually makes an appearance on Valentine's Day but it doesn’t have to be in hiding the rest of the year! A big teddy bear is a gift that can be given no matter what the occasion.

Don’t just tell someone how much you love them, show them, in the biggest way you possibly can and with the biggest bear you possibly can! Not big on research? Not to worry. We’ve narrowed down 3 reasons why a giant teddy bear should be part of your life, or the life of your loved ones. Not only do they have the biggest heart but the biggest body too. Keep reading to find out more...

3 reasons why you urgently need a big giant teddy bear in your life

1. They are bigger than ever: record breaking large teddy bears

The smallest bear ever sold was a tiny micro bear measuring only 0.29 inches tall. It was stitched by micro bear artist Cheryl Moss. Now on the opposite side of the spectrum is the world's largest teddy bear, stitched by Dana Warren. It was a massive 55-feet and four inches! This bigger than life size, hugely sized bear was named C.T.Dreams, which stands for "connect the dreams". He is still in the World Record Books today as the world's largest stitched teddy bear and he currently lives in Wichita, Kansas in the United States.

While the Soft Toy Shop's stuffed toys are nowhere near C.T. Dreams size, they are definitely way above average. Giant teddy bears started gaining traction and becoming popular during the Valentine's Day of 2017. Now they have gone full mainstream and are more popular than ever before. Giant teddy bears are taking over the entire bear industry with their giant bear feet! There are even rankings of the best giant bears online rated in terms of how cuddly and fluffy they are. The Soft Toy Shop is definitely at the top of that list with some of the softest bears and cuddliest stuffed animal toys on the market today.

2.They span all age groups: a giant teddy bear for everyone

Isn’t it everyone’s dream to look a giant teddy bear straight in the eyes as you stand as tall as he does? Now you can make someone’s (or your) dreams come true! The Soft Toy Shop has a great selection of high quality gigantic bears. The perfect gift for your loved ones.

There are so many choices when it comes to how big, how colourful, and how soft you want your big giant teddy bear to be. The soft plush of the bears' fur is extremely soft and is included in our baby soft toys selection, but it is definitely not just for babies. The gift of a giant huge teddy bear crosses all generations. You could give it to a toddler as a bear that is 10 times their size. Perfect for snuggling up on top of or next to. Or why not give it to a significant other for an extra special birthday or holiday surprise (hint: it doesn’t have to be Valentine's).

Ralph, Buddy, and Baby Cakes are just a few of the giant teddy bears that await at the Soft Toy Shop. Ralph is a giant white teddy bear that wears a red bow as colourful as his red heart. Ralph stands at a gigantic 120 centimetres tall. If that’s too big for you, not to worry, Ralph is also available at a 100 centimeters tall. Ralph would make the perfect gift for a significant other and you don’t even need to add the bow yourself.

Buddy is a giant pink teddy bear, or he's also available a stunning light blue colour or classic chocolate dark brown. Buddy is always wearing a soft cuddly scarf no matter what the weather is outside. He'll make the perfect gift at a baby shower or christening.

The Baby Cakes bear is available in a pale light pink or light blue colour. Baby Cakes stands at 56 centimetres tall and wears a baby girl or a baby boy t-shirt . Baby cakes would make the perfect gift for a newborn baby or an expectant mother. If you are not sure about the gender of the baby yet then a chocolate brown bear would be another great option.

3. They are extra cuddly: a big giant teddy bear filled with huge love

Let’s face it, even cuddling small teddy bears is nice, but hugging a giant teddy bear is way better. Relax as you watch TV resting on your big giant teddy bear or give him a proper bear-hug as you fall asleep. Either way, large teddy bears are more useful and enjoyable than you might think.

All of the bears at the Soft Toy Shop have the softest fur imaginable. So if you are giving it as a gift, you will definitely have a hard time parting ways with a big giant teddy bear from the Soft Toy Shop. Bigger usually means more expensive except when it comes to these giant teddy bears. You don’t have to spend big bucks to bring home one of our giant size teddy bears as they are quite reasonably priced. No matter if you are treating yourself or someone else, the big giant teddy bear is always a huge hit!