3 Reasons why a teddy bear is the perfect gift on Valentine's Day

3 Reasons why a teddy bear is the perfect gift on Valentine's Day

Just when you think the season of gift giving is over, February is already here. That’s right, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner which means it’s time to start planning the perfect gift yet again. Luckily, this time round there are fewer people to think about. You want to give the perfect gift to that very special person in your life.

You may be in a long term relationship, married or even just have a little crush on someone. No matter what stage you and your special person are at, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to let them know exactly how you feel. Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift can be as simple as putting in the effort and thought to make your loved one smile. Simple actions and thoughtful gifts can make a world of difference on this day of love and teddy bears fit in to this equation perfectly. Teddy bears have been a staple Valentine’s gift for as long as we have celebrated Valentine’s Day as a commercialised event, so here are three very good reasons why you need to include a teddy bear as part of your Valentine’s gift this year.

1. They are the perfect addition to every gift idea

For the times when you feel like what you have just isn’t enough, a teddy bear is the perfect addition to any staple Valentine’s gift. Pair a teddy bear with flowers, chocolates, jewellery, dinner, anything! No matter what you have planned already, a teddy bear will always be the cherry on top that makes your gift that extra bit special.

2. They are a lasting memory

Unlike flowers and chocolates, a teddy bear lasts forever. The perfect keepsake, teddy bears will remind your loved one of you whenever they see it. After all the hype and Valentine’s celebrations are over, your teddy will still remain giving your loved one a lasting memory that they will cherish forever.

3. You can use them to say something special

Teddy bears are great way to say something special, particularly if you find that you aren’t so good with your words. Whether you choose a stock Valentine’s message bear or decide to make it personal with a personalised message, teddies are a special way to say something thoughtful and meaningful.

Soft Toy Shop’s Top Picks from the Valentine's Day collection

Personalised Valentines Bear

Say something special with a Valentine’s themed personalised bear or completely customise your message with our customisable teddy bear. From I love you, to be my boyfriend/girlfriend, to will you marry me - surprise you loved one with a bear that mentions their name or says something meaningful in a very special way.


Valentines Animal Soft Toy

Our selection of Valentine’s animal soft toys are cute, fluffy and a little bit cheeky. They are perfect for adding a touch of humor to a thoughtful gift. Ideal for him or her, you can never go wrong with an animal soft toy on this day of love.

Giant Teddy Bear

Perhaps a safer option for the ladies on Valentine’s day, our giant teddy bears are big, fluffy and oh-so-cuddly. She will be blown away by such a thoughtful gift, and love giving it cuddles during those times when she’s not with you. Make her Valentine’s Day extra special this year with Ralph our giant 120cm teddy bear.

Shop our full Valentine’s Day soft toy collection for more teddy bear options that will make your special person feel extra special this Valentine’s Day.